Sustainability, your business and Rise IQ

What does sustainable actually mean?

Dictionary definitions of sustainable include:

‘lasting’; ‘bolster’; ‘preserve’
‘able to be maintained at a certain rate or level’
‘able to be upheld or defended’
‘able to bear’

But let’s not get bogged down in semantics. Because in essence, sustainability is encapsulated beautifully in this sentence:

“Meet your own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs..”

And when you apply that sentence to specific things like:

  • Economic resources
  • Your social impact on people
  • Your effect on wildlife on this planet
  • Your effect on the natural resources of this planet

… it all sounds pretty reasonable… doesn’t it?

But what if you apply the same sentence to the way you run your business? Is it sustainable in every area?

Self-Sustainable Social ESG means setting things up to last

Rise IQ helps identify how to make your business sustainable for its impact on social elements. You might do this through a social project or initiative. But it is not about hand-holding and financing forever. The aim is always for this positive change to be SELF sustaining. You set it up. You get it on its way. Then it works on its own. This means your social impact investment lasts longer and has a bigger impact. Good for everyone!

Supply Chains: Working globally with different cultures and mindsets.

What is life like for all the people connected to your supply chain? What is the social impact of your business? For example, do factory workers producing and manufacturing your products have access to health care? Or if they are ill or injured, will they lose their job?

Would you like to work with key stakeholders who share your sustainability issues?

Rise IQ makes it possible. We have key relationships with global social impact participants in the market. We create and grow these partnerships to achieve goals of scale that have maximum social impact. Just what you need for a good ESG score.

Rise IQ is the Conduit for your Sustainability Partnerships

You don’t have to invent and create from scratch. In fact, it is more agile and sustainable if you use what is already there! For example, people who truly understand the needs of the people at the end of your supply chain and the everyday differences and difficulties they face are best placed to devise a sustainable solution.

Corporations are increasingly choosing to seek out and work with social entrepreneurs rather than try to tackle the issue in-house. This is understandable because the gulf between a plush head office and the lives of employees on the ground can be massive on a multitude of levels.

These diverse differences could include:

  • Basic education
  • Gender roles and expectation
  • Health access
  • Social issues
  • Political climate
  • Regional instability
  • Religion and culture
  • Infrastructure
  • Access to transport
  • Access to technology

Rise IQ succeeds because we have worked with everyone along the social sustainability chain, and we understand the pressures at each stage. We are the oil that keeps the whole machine working. We make sure people are connected in the right places. We find the ingredients to make a future-proofed social sustainability project happen as smoothly as possible.


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