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ESG is here to stay – it pays to stay informed

This page is dedicated to providing current and relevant information on ESG and how it’s applied in the real world. If your task is to build and maintain a solid ESG base for your company, it’s worth some background reading.

Who is responsible for dealing with ESG in your business?

It will depend on variables including turnover; number of employees; the product or service; geographical locations; supply chain; and customer base. It could be organised by a highly-trained and financed team – or added to the job description of someone already over-stretched. Overall, the board is responsible for getting it right.

Things are already changing. Explore and imagine how you can increase the value of your ESG.

Rise IQ Selected Links

We have chosen these relevant pieces for you to investigate. We update them regularly to keep you informed. Read away!

ESG Strategy

“Simply put, a materiality assessment is a tool used to identify and prioritise ESG issues that are the most critical to your organisation.”

ESG Metrics

“Many executives admit that finding the ESG metrics to disclose their non-financial performance is challenging for them.”

Corporate Social Innovation

“Strategic partnerships can be viewed as examples of corporate social innovation…”


Relationship-centred key cutting, shoe repair and dry-cleaning, business that successfully employees 10% ex-offenders.

“The best way to run a business is to trust your colleagues with the freedom to do their job in the way they know best.”

Case Study: Timpson

HSBC overview on sustainability

“What barriers does your business face in the transition to a more sustainable future?”

The Long Game

“The executive trying to clean up sustainable investing”

What’s all this about being a conduit?

“Being a member of The Conduit means joining a diverse community of people passionate about social, economic and environmental change.”

Corporations and social enterprises working for change on sustainability

“Social enterprises can bring inclusion and sustainability into corporate value chains.”

Change through sustainability

“Stakeholders are demanding more of businesses”.

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