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The social element of ESG in practice

ESG and client successes

Rise IQ creates and curates projects that can improve your ESG, enhance your reputation, bolster your balance sheet and satisfy your shareholders.

People also feel genuinely proud to be associated with your organisation.

“Consumers have high expectations of medium to large businesses, looking to them to solve many of the world’s major issues. It’s an imperative for consumers that these businesses care for their employees and customers—and they will judge them if they don’t.”

Accenture Covid 19 Consumer Pulse Research

Rise IQ Clients

Our clients are both small companies and large international brands. Due to privacy, we cannot divulge detailed information. Think of us as your collaboration zipwire. We link each stage to make your ESG project a success.

We liaise with the right people to get the right project in place. We are agile, and we’ve done it before…

Responsible Business and Sustainability

We broker relationships with sustainable-led suppliers and help companies become more sustainable in their everyday operations, investments & support.

We build social impact tech solutions to create strategic partnerships between corporations and social entrepreneurs – enabling impactful initiatives to grow from ideation to execution.

ESG in your business talk

Responsible Business and Social Impact

Strategic partnerships develop self-sustaining social impact initiatives. Lena has proven that matching corporate willpower with the skill of social entrepreneurs builds innovative solutions to old problems.

We built a Dementia app in partnership with UCL Dementia Research which was acquired by a life insurer to enable greater development and impact.


We set up schemes for employees to mentor start-ups, professionals and young people. This can include raising finance through corporate partnerships and developing the confidence of changemakers to grow and build initiatives.

We became business mentor for the initiative ‘Teens in AI’, supporting the building of an app to help marginalised communities affected by Domestic Violence,


We identify opportunities for employees to lend their time to local communities or national causes. This creates engagement and a sense of purpose, and will introduce the Global Goals blueprint to your company.  

We matched a UK mental health resource database with corporate volunteers from City law firm, to help develop their app and provide nationwide support during Covid-19.

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