About Us

I constantly battled to find the right options, knowledge and treatment for my own health issues as well as those of my family, through cancer, heart disease and many other chronic conditions. It can be extremely difficult to find the right medical care and pathway. I have spent years researching and speaking with experts to try and find the best options. Guiding people to find the right medical treatment is passion of mine & by creating Rise IQ, I am able to empower employees to navigate and access the best UK healthcare.

Lena Chauhan: Co-founder and CEO

Rise IQ Medical Concierge is an independent, impartial service which relieves employees and their families of the time-consuming and emotionally draining search to find the most appropriate medical doctors and treatments.

We’re entering a new era of employee health benefits

We believe that organisations are now taking a more personal and holistic approach to their employee healthcare benefits. That’s why Rise IQ offers more. Following a health diagnosis, we work with your employees on an individual level to provide both practical and emotional support throughout the entire process. We help employers minimise the disruption on employees, their teams and the business overall.

We work across the private and public sectors. To ensure we get the most appropriate support, we collaborate with:

  • Insurers
  • Employee benefits platforms
  • Employee benefit consultants
  • Wellbeing officers
  • Membership organisations

Contact us to discuss the best options for your organisation.

Our experts can assist you if you wish to self-fund your treatment, or utilise your own private medical insurance cover.

Why Rise IQ?


Improve employee health and retention levels

Rise IQ was founded by corporate employees with senior medical consultants as part of the advisory team.

We believe that emotional support should be given the same attention as any physical condition.

Rise IQ supports the healthcare of corporate clients and has been recognised as providing an innovative model of patient advocacy.

Our Lunch & Learn workshops teach employees to take a proactive rather than reactive approach when it comes to their health.


Positive company reputation

When it comes to employee benefits, businesses need to keep pace with what their competitors are offering. A reputation for exceptional healthcare benefits will reflect well on any business and can encourage potential employees to choose one organisation over another.

Rise IQ complements and enhances the existing health benefits and private medical insurance you currently provide to your employees by boosting its effectiveness.


Find the right treatment faster

Rise IQ has a comprehensive knowledge of the UK health system. We guide your employees through this complicated process to get the right treatment faster. Our service reduces stress levels and often, the amount of time away from the office overall.

Employee Engagement Series conducted by Kronos Incorporated and Future Workplace®

Willis Towers Watson: UK Benefits Trend Survey, 2017


Why we’re different

We offer more than your standard employee healthcare benefits

Rise IQ is entirely independent. And, it may sound obvious, but we focus on the personal approach. Health concerns can trigger worries, fears and stresses. We support people who are at a very vulnerable point in their lives and so a personal, compassionate approach is a fundamental part of our service.

Our in-depth understanding of how the UK healthcare system works means we can offer guidance to your employees and their families when they need it the most. Rise IQ has a holistic mindset to healthcare where emotional support is just as important as practical support. Our job is to act as an advocate for your employees to help them find the best treatments.

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Note: We are not an emergency service and we cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis. Medical treatment and advice will be provided by your medical specialist following a referral.