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Social ESG strategy and project development

Rise IQ Consultation: why just the social element?

Each element of ESG has different demands. We fully understand and work with the economic and governance elements. But we excel at the social element. We match your business sector requirements with projects that will have a lasting, positive social impact – and satisfy your stakeholders.

By focusing on designing a social element that truly fits, all stakeholders gain maximum benefits. This includes your employees all along your supply chain, your investors of today and tomorrow, and your customers – current and future.

“Stakeholders in the past did not influence a company’s main drive to provide returns to shareholders. Today’s world is different. Stakeholder satisfaction is now a necessity for future investment and prosperity.”

Lena Chauhan

What does Rise IQ do for our business clients?

We work to ensure you have profit with purpose. We consult with companies of all sizes and sectors at any stage of their journey. We study your DNA, work out what it is advisable and possible to do and then make informed suggestions. We help you find a starting point with the ESG ‘why?’, and then develop the ESG ‘how?’.

  • Lead on ESG strategy, compliancy and tackling social priorities
  • Work closely with internal departments working on ESG
  • Give sound, accurate information to your decision makers and employees through our talks and panels
  • Create social impact statements
  • Develop a social strategy
  • Tackle social priorities
  • Link with entrepreneurial projects that match your aims
  • Create and secure bespoke and relevant ESG projects that fit your business sector
  • Advise on impact studies and measurement tools

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