Lena Chauhan

Rise IQ CEO Lena Chauhan: from Equity Derivatives Stockbroker to ESG entrepreneur

“Sometimes difficult experiences turn out to enable you to learn, focus and discover what you were meant to do all along.”

Lena Chauhan

Hello and welcome.

Today I am an ESG Strategy expert. A conduit. A role that didn’t exist when I started work but that utilises my talents perfectly.

In fact, Rise IQ requires all the skills I have learned through work and in life. Skills acquired from diverse areas including the world of equity derivatives within financial markets; parenthood and care of the elderly and unwell; professional health patient advocacy; and healthcare and technology entrepreneurism.

Many of my competencies were earned in tough circumstances. Some pure business, others more personal. From a young age I had to be a natural advocate for others. During a successful career in investment banking I mastered my role within global financial markets. When it was needed, I asked the difficult questions for those affected by ill health, fought for the best results and used this knowledge to set up my own health concierge business.

As a parent, I want the best opportunities for all young people – and today I fight for and champion opportunities that match businesses with projects that improve lives. 

Each invaluable experience has driven me to form and follow a vision that blends profitable business with a better world. I am proud of my journey and unique skillset. It is what makes Rise IQ the perfect bridge to connect what the corporate world can offer with what the social world needs.

With no-nonsense passion (and compassion!) today I confidently lead companies to discover, develop and add a lasting and valuable asset to their portfolio: the positive impact on the lives of real people.

I look forward to working you,

Lena Chauhan

Rise IQ is proud of our successful client relationships and the impact of our Case Studies

Road Map to ESG Expertise

  • University degree in Accounting & Finance.
  • CFA License and CISI Financial Derivative Representative.
  • Investment banking to Global Independent Broker (20 years): Deutsche Bank AG London- Equity Derivatives at Market Securities – a global inter dealer broker.
  • Co-founder of patient advocacy model helping patients get the best health outcome for themselves and their families.
  • Finding a niche in the world of entrepreneurship; grasping the issues of advocacy within the health sector and creating contacts.
  • Created a medical concierge service, which was adopted by financial services companies.
  • Trained under charities (in UK and USA) to become a volunteer dementia carer.
  • Created and designed ‘Dementia Lifestyle’ programme. The mission was to guide and help families affected by dementia with a care pathway.
  • Dementia Lifestyle Plan selected to become part of a pre-seed incubator programme designed for early-stage teams wishing to create technologically defensible start-ups to tackle major issues in health and healthcare. Led by previous head of NHS Digital Health London Accelerator programme.
  • Dementia Lifestyle Plan becomes part of Deutsche Bank’s Women in Social Tech accelerator program.
  • Dementia Lifestyle Plan sold to large distributor, with funds to develop, distribute and make an impact.
  • Business Mentor to ‘Teens in Artificial Intelligence’. Covid Global Hackathon paired me with four incredible teens of Black and South Asian background. Together we designed a project on domestic violence. This gained support with Redbridge Council to test, and cemented a strategic partnership with international law firm DLA Piper.
  • Advisor to Health Insurance Companies/Ed Tech Start Ups/Law, Engineering & Fast Fashion Brands on Sustainability Strategy to enable ‘Profit with Purpose’.
  • Sustainable Leadership Programme (Imperial College Business School).

By working with Rise IQ on their domestic violence project ‘Hopeful Home’ which was prototyped by 4 teenagers of BME backgrounds, we aim to support and help create a long-term, sustainable solution to particular social challenges and invest our resources where we can have a substantial and long-term impact.

By collaborating, we ensure that our work aligns to the SDGs, addresses critical issues, and tackles the root cause of inequality to drive sustainable change.

Lena’s knowledge has also been extremely valuable in helping to structure our bespoke accelerator programme, which we recently launched to support entrepreneurs from underrepresented backgrounds.


Rise IQ Ltd, led by Lena Chauhan (Director), provided an employee benefit for us by offering London-based employees a corporate medical concierge service from September 2017 – August 2021. (Acquired Sept 2021)

During our relationship with Rise IQ, Lena separately created and developed an app to help families affected by dementia. She developed a skillset and collaborative partnerships within the health-technology social impact & ESG space. We have shared and developed an incredible relationship with both the Rise IQ team and Lena herself on Sustainability projects.

Ronny – asset management company

I met Lena in January 2019 when I was at Deutsche Bank and she was part of Cohort 1  ‘Deutsche Bank Women in Social Tech’ accelerator programme. She created and developed an app to help family carers of people with dementia.

During the six-month programme the cohort were purposed to develop technology with a sustainable positive social impact. Lena not only succeeded at building this, but then worked with us directly on developing Deutsche Bank AG London internal group ESG Strategy.

We amended our ways of working to incorporate various impact initiatives and incubated several app creators who had developed viable business models with proven social impact.

Lena is an energetic driver of social impact and I can honestly state that once she is involved with a project, she will ensure to develop a strategy to maximize impact and value.

Claire – Deutsche Bank

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