Rise IQ Social ESG Talks

Rise IQ ESG Talks

Talks are the perfect way to introduce ESG to your company. They are also an indication and credit that you are taking ESG seriously.

Rise IQ CEO Lena Chauhan delivers bespoke talks and panels to your company employees at any level. Designed to educate, explain, inform and improve understanding of ESG and the Social Element, she addresses the subject in an expert and open style. 

“Stakeholders in the past did not influence a company’s main drive to provide returns to shareholders. Today’s world is different. Stakeholder satisfaction is now a necessity for future investment and prosperity.”

Lena Chauhan

ESG: Spread the Word

This buy-in talk is designed to explain the role of ESG. It also demonstrates that satisfying all of your stakeholders need not be mutually exclusive.

With a focus on the social element, explore how a successful ESG project can promote positivity in your company from top to bottom – as well as future-proofing productivity and profits. Our expert-led workshops inform and educate employees on from hormonal health and femtech, to inclusion, addiction therapy and debunking dementia myths.

Change minds, build enthusiasm and gain understanding.

Bespoke ESG in your business

Lena Chauhan will design a talk to focus on your sector and your business.

After careful discussion and research into your company’s starting point it will deliver an excellent argument about why ESG should be addressed for the future of your business, and how it can be carried out with respect to your unique situation.

Perfect for businesses serious about getting everyone on board on a project that will change the way you work for good – and change lives forever.

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What’s special about Rise IQ?

See our case studies, read our reviews – but above all, meet us for yourself. We are realistic about the pressures on businesses. We are passionate about the benefits of effective social ESG. We are great to work with because we know what we’re doing and will give you the outcome you want. We also listen carefully, get on with it and give accurate advice.

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