Forget Me Not


Have you ever wondered what the significance of the Forget Me Not is to supporting dementia care and research, beyond the little blue flower’s name?

Dementia researcher, Tom Kitwood (1937-1998), developed the idea of person centred care. In doing so, he identified a number of fundamental psychological and social human needs that must be met in order to maintain a good sense of well-being. Kitwood’s model, shows that when caring for, and supporting people with dementia, we must remember six psychological needs: love, comfort, identity, occupation, inclusion, and attachment. 
If you look closely at the tiny flowers, you can see how those six needs fit into the shape of the Forget Me Not flower (five blue petals and one central, yellow disc). For an in-depth look at the six needs and how they apply to dementia care, click here for a link to a lovely article. 

Photo credit: @roslinneporady