Five Signs Your Loved One With Dementia Isn't Eating Well


We saw this great little checklist on the @edmonton55 website and thought we would share it. If you suspect your loved one with early stage dementia may not be eating well, here are a few ways to decide whether it is time to give them some extra help in the kitchen: 
1. There is not enough food in fridge or pantry.
2. The fridge and pantry are full of food not being used, that has gone out of date, or is mouldy. 
3. Cupboards seem oddly disorganised — nothing seems to be in an appropriate place.
4. Loved one is unable to perform a task such as making tea (as long as they were able to do it before)
5. Loved one is reluctant for you to see in fridge or pantry.

FoodLena Chauhan