My family and I moved over from South America to London and had no idea how the health system worked. It was totally different to what we were used to. Lena was incredibly helpful and guided us through what we needed to know and where to go as well as finding great doctors for my children’s conditions. It was very valuable to have the team on the end of the line when things went wrong with our health and we think it’s a fantastic service.
I had excruciating back pain and had gone through lots of physiotherapy treatment with consultants that just didn’t work for me. I had many issues trying to get authorisation from my insurance to change therapists and so forth. When I realised that Rise IQ organised this all on my behalf, it was such a relief. I’m now with the right practitioner and getting stronger. Thank you Rise IQ!
The health system here is not forthcoming and it was so helpful to have Rise IQ to guide and help me through it and ensure that there was someone to fight my corner. I have an invisible disease which made being at work really challenging. They really helped me to reintegrate back into my role and communicate effectively with my team.
Everything confused me and I found I was either too busy or in denial to deal with anything. Lena went through everything so clearly to ensure that I had a solid understanding as to what I can action and what I daren’t ignore. I am truly indebted to her for opening my eyes and making me realise what was important and how to navigate the health services in London.
My sister was suicidal and had received several diagnoses from different practitioners I didn’t know how to help her and it affected my senior role. I now feel informed like a weight has been lifted as we have a path to investigate instead of a bunch of different views and no direction. Thank you Rise IQ
You have re-defined my life and for this I will forever be indebted to you. Six months ago I could not have imagined feeling so strong and alive. You are such a good soul and have managed to guide our family and dementia to a very positive place.
Note: We are not an emergency service and we cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis. Medical treatment and advice will be provided by your medical specialist following a referral.