Lunch and Learn Workshops

We run practical and informative workshops which fit into your employees’ lunch hour. We also run hour-long surgeries for more specific or private issues. Our aim is to teach your employees how to navigate the UK Health System.

With a thorough understanding of the health pathways that an unwell employee takes, Rise IQ can recommend and secure direct access to the best health practitioners in a wide variety of specialisms across the UK.

We work with known and trusted doctors and can also suggest cross-sector specialists. In doing so, we improve the quality, speed and satisfaction of health outcomes.


Our talks take a practical approach. Here are just a few examples of the topics we cover:

  • The importance of registering at an NHS surgery whether you have private healthcare cover or not.
  • Private healthcare vs NHS: which option should I use for different health needs?
  • Health system navigation: where do I go to get the care I need? How do I find the right person to meet my health needs?
  • Travel health: what happens if I get sick or need an operation abroad? What happens in the case of an accident or health emergency abroad?
  • Changing attitudes towards health: empowering ourselves by being pro-active rather than reactive.

We want your employees to get the most out of these workshops. We listen to your requirements and take into account your employee’s profiles to design an event that your staff will find informative and interesting.

We can customise our talks to address employees’ specific needs including mental health, muscular-skeletal, care for ageing parents, and more.

For an initial conversation, please contact us today.

Note: We are not an emergency service and we cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis. Medical treatment and advice will be provided by your medical specialist following a referral.