🎧 Mental Health within the workplace

🎧 Mental Health within the workplace

Mental Health in the workplace

You’ve been given a deadline at work but it’s really tight. It’s going to mean long hours and sleepless nights. This will trigger stress and anxiety. Would you feel comfortable asking for an extension on that deadline? Or, by mentioning your stress levels, do you think you might be judged in a negative way?

It can be difficult for both employees and companies to navigate the complexities of mental health in the workplace, but finally these important conversations are starting to happen. In the latest Rise IQ podcast we welcome Zoe Sinclair. Zoe is the owner of Employees Matter and Co-founder of This Can Happen. Zoe shares with us her wealth of experience around mental health in the workplace. We also talk about behavioural changes and how we all need to be responsible for looking after our own mental health.

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