🎧 Kindness – with Premila Puri – Founder of BE KIND MOVEMENT

🎧 Kindness – with Premila Puri – Founder of BE KIND MOVEMENT

World Kindness day was celebrated recently with many wonderful initiatives led by workplaces school and educators.

Rise IQ clients were given a challenge to perform one conscious act of kindness within the day. Whether it was buying the person behind them a coffee, smiling at someone or complimenting someone (some went further volunteering their time at local charities –
The feedback was pretty transformative- they all felt great after one single action.


Today’s podcast is with the founder of the BE KIND MOVEMENT Premila Puri Makh.

The Be Kind Movement was set up in 2015 to empower women and children with education that uplifts and transforms hearts and minds. The charity addresses the ostensible gap in the knowledge, resources and skills of young girls and women by providing access to quality and affordable education and training. Educating the hearts and minds of young impressionable children is the need of the hour today. This means embedding, through the power of education, a culture of kindness, compassion and mindfulness.

Be Kind Movement commissioned a short film on Kindness called ITSY in 2017 to raise funds for their educational projects. The subject of Kindness was inspired by a true story between the charity’s co-founder and a spider in a car and the film beautifully encapsulates the importance of kindness and compassion as a fundamental human need that is so often overlooked. ITSY screened internationally at 17 international film festivals and scooped six awards, and had a exceptionally warm response at its London premiere in October 2019 Funds raised via ITSY screenings from 2019-2020 will be allocated to the charity’s educational projects:

Listen to her inspirational journey out of the corporate world and into one of social entrepreneurship.

Kindness – with Premila Puri – Founder of BE KIND MOVEMENT

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