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Corporate Medical Concierge and Patient Advocacy



Imagine a single point of contact for all employee health needs. Whether the issue is stress, depression or anxiety, musculoskeletal disorder, addiction or other health matters, RISE IQ offers companies and their employees a discreet, premium, medical concierge and patient advocacy service. Specialising in servicing multinational companies with employees in the UK from abroad, RISE IQ navigates the UK Health Care system (NHS and private) facilitating easy access to top UK health experts for your executive staff and their families. Whether recent transfers from abroad or UK citizens, RISE IQ saves your employees time and inconvenience — and offers your company reduced absenteeism, a healthier workforce, and improved productivity, while cutting employer insurance premiums.




With a deep understanding of the health pathways that an unwell employee takes, RISE IQ can recommend and secure direct access to the best health practitioners in a wide variety of specialisms across the UK. In doing so, we improve the quality, speed and satisfaction of health outcomes. In addition, Rise IQ removes the burden of administrative and logistical tasks that face employees and their families when seeking out and booking healthcare. We offer support and compassion while managing the processes taking employees attention away from work and their families. We pride ourselves on clear, bespoke treatment.


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How We Work

Companies pay an hourly rate for the services of a trained medical navigator, who can guide and support employees by:

  • Listening to and understanding their concerns and needs

  • Making phone calls to health services and insurers on their behalf

  • Sitting in on medical appointments, on request

  • Advising which healthcare professionals would be best placed to help them

  • Providing access to relevant, up-to-date research in order to help employees make informed choices

Note: We are not an emergency service and we cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis. Medical treatment and advice will be provided by your medical specialist following our referral. 


Case studies



Senior Asset Management / Portfolio Manager
37 Years Old

Issue: Long term sick leave expected for a minimum 12 months following recognition of mental health diagnosis

Outcome: Following a discussion with RISE IQ, a shortlist of consultant psychiatrists whose expertise matched the mental health diagnosis was presented to the employee along with their availability, fees, location and credentials. Alternative therapies and a nutritional therapist were recommended and booked.

Portfolio Manager returns to work within four months.

Senior Human Resources Professional
45 Years Old

Issue: Recurring back pain from injury. Was told by clinician that invasive surgery was the only way to resolve the ongoing issue.

Outcome: Following a consultation, RISE IQ sought out specialist physicians who quickly presented HR Professional with a second opinion revealing surgery was not required. Physiotherapist with previous experience of similar cases was brought in to manage the issue. RISE IQ ensured physiotherapist was covered by the firm’s employee health insurance. Invasive spinal surgery avoided. Months off work avoided. Cost of employee cover avoided. Employee empowered to manage own health.


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