What is Rise IQ Corporate Medical Concierge?

Rise IQ Concierge is a personalised benefit service that uses trusted professionals to help your employees to find and arrange the best healthcare in the UK. We have an expert network and knowledge to find the right clinician and service for you. Our experts will speak with your people to find out what their requirements are and find the right options.

How much does Rise IQ Corporate Medical Concierge cost?

Please contact us as the price is dependent on the number of employees within each organisation.

How does Rise IQ Corporate Medical Concierge work?

Employees contact Rise IQ via email or enquiry form, and arrange a telephone appointment with one of our experts. They will then take the time to get to know your employee and their requirements. Our team will then research the ideal doctors, using their extensive clinical network to find the right specialist. We will then schedule the appointment for them and follow up throughout their healthcare journey.

Our corporate insurance company sends our employees to a specialist - why do we need Rise IQ Concierge?

Your insurance company will send the employee to an appropriate specialist but there is no compulsion for them to find the best for their particular healthcare needs. For example an employee may need a knee operation. The insurance company may send them to an orthopaedic surgeon who has agreed to charge the insurance company the lowest fee for their care who can operate on knees but their real expertise is hip surgery.
Rise IQ concierge will seek out and recommend a specialist whose primary expertise matches their need who will also match your insurance policy – maximising the benefit of your group health insurance.

Does Rise IQ give medical advice?

No. We are not a service designed to replace health care professionals and their expertise. We facilitate and enhance the appointments you have with a healthcare professional. We can provide background medical information taken from reliable sources, but this is to be considered complementary to any advice provided by a healthcare professional.

Can Rise IQ Concierge reduce sickness rates in my business?

Yes. By actively managing the healthcare choices and ensuring your staff get to the correct care, first time and as quickly as possible we can reduce their time off work and cost you less. Businesses that join Rise IQ Concierge have the found that the associated costs of employee sickness are significantly reduced. Sign up your workforce and start saving time and money. Get in touch to find out more.

Note: We are not an emergency service and we cannot provide medical advice or diagnosis. Medical treatment and advice will be provided by your medical specialist following a referral.