Our Approach

The RISE IQ team delivers talks for corporates to educate staff about navigating the British Health System. We inform employees about the health resources available to them, no matter their needs. Whether the issue is mental health, fertility, cancer, or other health matters, we know how to utilise the British Health System in the most efficient way to get employees the care they or their family members need, when they need it most. We will let your employees in on strategies to bypass unnecessary time consuming steps, and can suggest cross sector specialists, because who has time to work their way through what can feel like a labyrinth of health system dead ends? Our aim is to teach your employees how get results — saving time, energy and limiting anxiety and time missed from work.

Book us in for informal and open talks and workshops that fit into employees’ lunch hours, or for an hour-long surgery focused on more specific and private issues.

Talk topics

Our talks take a practical approach the following topics:

  • How to get a quick, private referral from your NHS GP

  • The importance of registering at an NHS surgery regardless of whether or not you have private healthcare cover

  • Private Health Care vs NHS: Which option should I use for different health needs?

  • Health system navigation: Where do I go to get the care I need? How do I find the right person to meet my health needs?

  • Troubleshooting: What if something goes wrong in a health care context? How do I get a second opinion?

  • Telehealth: How do GP appointments on the phone work and how can I use them to save time?

  • Travel Health: What happens if I get sick or need an operation abroad? What happens in the case of an accident or health emergency abroad?

  • Complementary therapies: What are they? The benefits of physiotherapy, osteopathy, chiropractors, Alexander technique, mindfulness and more. Am I covered for these?

  • Changing attitudes towards health: Empowering ourselves by being pro-active rather than reactive.

When planning corporate talks we listen to your requirements and take into account your employee’s profiles to design an event that your staff will find interesting but also relaxing. We can customise our talks to address employees' specific needs including mental health, muscular skeletal, care for aging parents, and more.

Contact us for an initial discussion, on the phone or at your offices, to discuss the best options for your organisation.