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care made clear

RISE.IQ was founded on the belief that quick and easy-to-understand advice should be available to anyone who cares for someone else, whenever they need it. 

Sounds simple. Yet, time and again, when working in the homes of people with dementia, Rise.IQ Founder, Lena Chauhan, noticed stacks of books and brochures lying on coffee tables unread. It was clear that carers wanted to learn more -- needed to learn more -- but something wasn’t clicking. Lena began teaching people with dementia and their carers essential information in bitesized portions. She realised carers are often short on time, managing multiple schedules, and not getting good quality sleep. Information flow had to adapt to the individual needs of carers and their loved ones, so Lena began crafting personalised, lifestyle plans to help manage the symptoms and practical challenges dementia.

We at RISE.IQ believe this personalised guidance should be available to everyone touched by dementia – right now, that's 50 million people globally and their loved ones. RISE.IQ is here to deliver quick, simple, intelligent dementia advice and coaching straight to your home using your favourite smart speaker (think Amazon Alexa and Google Home). It's the information you need, easily available when you need it most.